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Established in the year 2007, Bluegrass Technologies has grown into a leading name in the field of Horizontal Directional Drilling in India, Middle-East and South-East Asia.

Offering comprehensive solutions in the field of Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Installation of Pipelines using HDD Technology

  • HDD Project Consultancy

  • Project Design & Engineering

  • Rock Tooling Equipment

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With a team of experienced engineers and passionate professionals, Bluegrass Technologies has successfully executed extremely challenging HDD Cross projects. It s made possible with use of innovative and state-of-the art technology in the field of Trenchless HDD Installation, Downhole Surveys, Niche Design & Engineering.

Bluegrass Technologies also undertakes consultancy projects for Downhole Surveys, HDD Project Design and Engineering, Rock Tooling design etc in India and Asia.

Trenchless HDD Installation
Downhole Surveys
Niche Design & Engineering
Rock Tooling Design
HDD Project Design & Engineering

Services we offer

Offering Comprehensive Solutions In The Field Of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Bluegrass Technologies is one of the leading HDD engineering companies in India offering comprehensive solutions in the field of Horizontal Directional Drilling, such as – Installation of Pipelines using HDD Technology, HDD Project Consultancy, Project Design & Engineering, Rock Tooling Equipment.

HDD - Down Hole Steering

The conventional open-cut method and trenching was the biggest hurdle for the energy supply chain in the past. But Horizontal Directional Drilling method has transformed the scenario

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HDD - Pilot Bore Hole Drilling

This is the first and the most important step of the entire HDD process. Before drilling the actual pipeline, a pilot bore is drilled from the entry pit to the exit pit. A surveying system is installed

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HDD - Bore Hole Reaming

This is the next step in the HDD process. As the pilot drill bit and survey probe reaches at the exit pit, the drill rods are connected with reamer. The reamers are pulled back to excavate soil and rocks

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HDD - Pipeline Pullback

Pulling back the pipeline from the bore hole is the final and the most complicated step of the HDD process. A pipeline is fabricated in the advance, at the exit point. The pipe is lifted at

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HDD Project Consultancy

Installing a pipeline is a humongous task in itself. Every project poses its own challenges and limitations. Bluegrass Technologies offers end-to-end HDD Cross project consultancy

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HDD Cross Feasibility Study

The biggest challenge while installing any pipeline is the route. Different terrains and demographic situations require thorough research and analysis of the available options. Feasibility

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HDD Cross Budget Estimate

The team of expert engineers and professionals at Bluegrass Technologies, help you execute any HDD Cross project in a cost-effective way. HDD Cross projects are difficult tasks and they require complete set of equipment

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HDD Cross Design & Engineering

The execution of HDD Cross projects requires a great deal of experience and innovation. Bluegrass Technologies Team has the experience of more than 20 years in designing and executing

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Recent Projects

Some of Our Projects we Recently Completed

Bluegrass Technologies has completed some of the most difficult rock crossings in India. Some of the crossings completed by us are